7 Ways To Thank Your Bridesmaids

By: Cameron Olson

Your bridesmaids. They are one of the most special part about your wedding, because these are the women who have been with you through thick and thin, the good and the bad. Honoring them is important. While you may be very focused on your man on your wedding day, it is still important to make time to thank your ladies for being there to celebrate with you. Odds are, these women have taken off work, bought flight tickets, and spent a great deal of money for your day. Thanking them is crucial.



1. Gift bag

Create your own gift bags to give to your bridesmaids on your wedding day. You can make these any way you would like, and put inside whatever you please. A good idea would be to put some makeup, nail polish, your favorite face wash, a cute wallet, and maybe some candy inside. They do not have to be expensive — even the cheapest products make for a cute gift bag and will make any bridesmaid happy.


2. Cute robes

Bridesmaids LOVE these! Order some pretty floral robes the girls can wear to get ready on the wedding day. This gift is simple, but I promise every girl will be in love with it!

3. Photo Op

Do a special photoshoot just with your bridesmaids — either on the wedding day or a few days prior. Have your bridesmaids dress super cute and go wild!


4. Write them letters

Give each bridesmaid a personal letter of thanks, letting them know of how much you appreciate them being there for you on your special day. Everyone loves letters, yet nobody receives or writes them anymore. Be different and give them something they can keep forever!

5. Jewelry

Give each bridesmaid a cute pair of earrings or an adorable necklace as a gift. Include a personalized note along with the gift. This is a great idea if you would like to find gifts fast — jewelry can be found at a very cheap price as well, so this is wonderful for finding gifts on a budget.

6. Tote Bag

A great place to look for personalized tote bags is Etsy! Many people design them, and you can usually pick and choose which colors and design you would like. You could add the names of your bridesmaids on each bag, put their initials on the tote, or simply write “bridesmaid” across the front. They will adore them.


7. Chocolate

We all love chocolate, so what says thank you better than some chewy goodness?

Non-Alcoholic Drinks? No Problem

By: Cameron Olson


Image source

Image source

So you do not want alcohol at your wedding. Many people don’t, so this is not incredibly unusual. Good thing is, there are so many drinks you can choose that are non-alcoholic that your guests will still absolutely love. Most are extremely easy to make and are wonderful for those on a budget. The good thing about choosing these drink options, is that the kids and teens can enjoy them just as much as you do! There are many drinks to pick from, but I included some cool ideas that I found in the list below.

  1. Family-Friendly Sangria

This is just like a regular sangria, but without the alcohol! All you need is some fruit at the bottom (oranges and some berries), some apple juice, orange juice, and grape juice, and a dash of lemon juice.


2. Shirley-Temples

We all know what these are. They are easy to make, and the kids love them! All you will need is ginger-ale, grenadine, and a cherry to top this drink off. A cute idea is to even add some vanilla ice cream in the drinks to create a float.


3. Non-Alcoholic Mimosas

All you need for this recipe is orange juice and some Sprite or Ginger-Ale. To make the drink look a little bit more fancy, add some oranges in the drink as well. The Sprite or Ginger-Ale will give the drink the fizzy taste. Who says you need champagne?


4. Root-Beer Floats

I mean, this one may not have been a choice in your mind when thinking of drinks to have at weddings, but who doesn’t love a root-beer float? All you need is vanilla ice cream and root-beer. This recipe is very cheap and extremely easy to make — which is great for large weddings.


5. Mock Champagne

This drink is extremely fizzy and very yummy. Looks just like champagne but isn’t! All you will need is white grape juice, water, and ginger-ale.


6. Raspberry or Strawberry Lemonade

You can buy some at the store or make your own! Everyone loves lemonade, so these choices should be an easy hit. Add some real berries in each drink just to make it a little bit more fancy. You can even put some sugar on the top of each glass to top it off.


Happy wedding planning!


Video Booths: Why We Love the Idea

By: Cameron Olson


Something that has recently been introduced to the world of weddings are video booths. What are they, you ask? Video booths are exactly like photo booths, but with…video. They are extremely easy to set up. All you need is a curtain, a small booth, a couple chairs, and a video camera, and then you are good to go! Video booths are hilarious, fun, and incredibly memorable.

1.       The Confession Booth

We absolutely adore whoever invented this one. What guests do is simple: they record themselves in the booth for a few minutes, telling confessions. The confessions are usually related to the bride or groom, and can be as serious or as funny as is desired. When the guests all have had their turn of recording themselves, the best videos are usually chosen to be shown, or they are put on a website for later viewing. This idea is hilarious, and something for the bride and groom to look back at and remember.

2.       The Advice Booth

This booth is usually a bit more serious, but some people like to throw in some comedy. This booth gives guests the opportunity to provide advice of all kinds to be given to the bride and groom. Advice to avoid future mistakes, what to cook on Sundays, or how long to wait before having children are just a few ideas about what kind of advice is given. This booth is also wonderful for memories!

3.       Say-Anything-You-Absolutely-Want-Booth

This is a “free for all” booth used so that guests can say whatever they want, whenever they want. Funny stories from the wedding, long explanations of past adventures with the bride and groom, or just their favorite things about the couple, can be said in this booth. Like I said before, this one is just for fun.

Video booths are great memories. If you are already planning on having a cute photo booth, why not add some video in there as well? We are positive that you would not regret it.

BlingChat's New Wedding Invitation Feature

By: Cameron Olson

Sending wedding invitations can be a hassle and can cost an extensive amount of money. Not only do you have to worry about invitations, but there is usually the hassle of having to send out save the date cards as well--adding to the cost. With BlingChat’s new feature, you are able to invite guests over Facebook Messenger. Through BlingChat, you are able to send a virtual invitation. This invitation usually includes a picture and the wedding location. Brides can even send their guests detailed information about the bride and groom, how they met, and details about the wedding itself. Through the messenger, you are even able to ask your guest if they are able to attend, and how many will be attending. The best part about this new feature is that there is absolutely no printing involved. Many love the idea of tangible invitations, but for those that would like to receive RSVP’s quickly, or who have a low budget, this feature is wonderful

Give it a quick try here.

Cute "Advice Box" Idea for Your Reception

By: Cameron Olson

Image source

Image source

Here’s a super cute idea that I’ve seen at multiple weddings and I think is super adorable. Not to mention, it’s a great addition to any wedding. I’ve decided to call it the “advice box”, but you can really name it whatever you’d like. It is usually used at receptions as a fun activity for guests to do--it also helps them communicate with the bride and groom.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Decorate a cute box. It can be anything you like--just make sure it sticks out.

  2. Get some cute pieces of paper to put outside the box for people to write on. You are going to want to cut the paper into little strips of paper.

  3. Put pens on the outside of the box for people to use and write with!

And you are done! Easy, right? The point of the “advice box” is simple. Your guests will write one piece of advice on the piece of paper and slip it into the box. Guests can sign the paper or write it anonymously. This is a super fun way for guests to interact with one another and with the bride and groom. After the wedding, the couple is able to read through all their “advice tokens” given to them, which hopefully makes them smile or provides them with a good laugh or two. The very best thing about this activity is that it is super easy to make, and very easy for the guests to understand. It can be a simple centerpiece of a table, meaning that it doesn’t even have to take up room! I love the idea, and I hope you do too.  

Find more gorgeous wedding ideas on BlingChat.  

5 of the Best Wedding Flowers to Choose From

By: Cameron Olson

"How to Preserve Wedding Bouquet" via Heritage Garment Preservation

"How to Preserve Wedding Bouquet" via Heritage Garment Preservation

So you’ve got your venue, invited your guests, and have the reception dinner-menu planned out. But, there’s one thing you’re stumped on…flowers. Choosing which flowers are best for you and your wedding is one of the hardest decisions in planning. So, we have compiled together a few of the most popular wedding flowers just for you. Being said, there are hundreds to pick from, but we hope that this list will give you some wonderful ideas. What’s a wedding without the flowers?

Roses and lilies are two of the most basic, yet still the most beautiful flowers. They look wonderful side by side, and they both add an elegant flair to any wedding. While roses are usually viewed as extremely “cliche,” they are still a beautiful addition to any wedding centerpiece or bouquet. Lilies add an additional flair to any bouquet, and can be paired alongside roses because of their unique shape and their variety in color.


Lillies and Roses via A Floral Affair

Lillies and Roses via A Floral Affair

Carnations are extremely bright flowers ranging from white to pink to purple. They’re beautiful bouquet fillers because of their durability and variety of colors. Thankfully, they last a long period of time as well. Many people view carnations simply as filler flowers, but they are much more. Being available in pretty much every single color puts them at an advantage to many other flower choices. These flowers even dry out very nicely for those who would love a lasting memory from your special day.


Carnation Bouquets. Pinterest. Blogueluxe.  

Carnation Bouquets. Pinterest. Blogueluxe.


Gerbera daisies are a beautiful addition to a bouquet, wedding cake, or centerpiece because of their bright colors and fan-like petals. These flowers are not as well known as the ones mentioned before, but are extremely underrated. They look fabulous next to roses and can be ordered pretty much year-round. Their colors are extremely bold and are a great addition to give your wedding a “brighter” vibe. For those of you who have a pastel or a bold wedding theme, gerbera daisies may be what you are looking for. Don’t forget to preview all of their amazing color choices!


Gerbera Daisy via Pinterest. Indulgy.com

Gerbera Daisy via Pinterest. Indulgy.com

Finally, one of my favorites is the calla lily. You’ve probably never heard of this one before, but you will soon be raving about it. This unique flower is shaped just like a trumpet and include many beautiful colors such as cream, dark purple, pink, orange, and yellow. Because of all of their many color choices, this flower is a great choice for really any wedding. You can choose from a bigger version of this flower, or a miniature version as a bouquet filler. The mini calla lilies are much cheaper than the regular size, so for those who are very limited in finances, the miniature calla lily may be a great option.

Calla Lilly via Pinterest. MODwedding.

Calla Lilly via Pinterest. MODwedding.

I could go on and on about beautiful flowers to choose from, but it is my hope that you are at least a little bit inspired after reading about these wonderful choices! Happy wedding planning! See More Beautiful Bouquets

5 Ways to Make Your Bridesmaids Feel Special Too

By: Cameron Olson

While it is your wedding day, it is very crucial that those you chose to stand alongside you on your special day feel wanted and valued. Each bride can incorporate little things along the wedding-planning process to bring excitement to your bridesmaids. They are just as excited to stand with you as you are to have them. There are many ways to make your bridesmaids feel special, but here are just a few!


1. Ask them in a unique way

Making sure that you ask your bridesmaids to walk next to you in a very special way will make them feel special. Some brides may choose to create cute invitations, while others may give their bridesmaids scrapbooks of picture memories. There are countless ideas to choose from. It may not seem like much, but I promise that it will mean much more to them than you think.


2. Choose flattering bridesmaids dresses

Okay, this point is extremely important. You want your bridesmaids to feel pretty in the dresses you pick for them. Many brides allow their bridesmaids to choose their own dresses based off a specific color theme, which is a great option for brides who do not want to stress on this part of the planning. Ensuring that your bridesmaids will feel confident in the dresses they will be wearing will help the day go much smoother.


3. Supply a few simple gifts

Giving your bridesmaids simple gift bags on the wedding day can give them something special to remember. This can be a final “thank you” to all the girls who have supported you throughout the entire planning process. Many brides today are supplying cute robes for their bridesmaids to wear while they glam up. Gifts do not need to be expensive in the slightest; even the smallest favor can make a big impact.


4. Take pictures!

Include your entire wedding party in your wedding-day photoshoot. In fact, make it a point to get pictures with each girl individually. You may be focused on other things (your fiancé), but your girls have been with you the entire time. Make sure they know they are important, too.


5. Throw a Fun Bachelorette Party

Your maid of honor is probably the one planning this one, but if not, have one anyway! This is a precious night simply with all your girls. This is also a great opportunity for those who do not know each other, to get acquainted before the wedding. Go out for dinner, play some fun games, drink wine, or watch a movie. Cherish these moments, and make it enjoyable!

At the end of the day, your wedding will be focused on you and the love of your life, but don’t forget your girls who have been there the whole way.


Bridesmaids 101: Do’s and Do Not’s

By: Ruthe Neeley


We all know your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your entire life, so naturally a bride’s gonna want all her closest girls with her at this monumental event. …But if you’ve ever been involved in a wedding (or ever watched a chick flick with a wedding in it for that matter), you know where there is a band of girls, drama is close by.

So Let’s avoid it! Because this is YOUR day! It should be nothing short of a blissful, enchanted evening. And trust me, it all starts with getting your girl gang in order. Here a list of Do’s and Do Not’s to keep your wedding out of the drama:


  • Do things your way. You are the bride today, and your voice needs to be heard above everyone else’s. Keep your wedding in your hands and voice.
  • Put who you want in your bridal party. Put everyone you love (and no one you don’t) in it. You don’t have to follow old traditions of 3-4 bridesmaids. If you have 10 best friends, put in 10. If you only want 2, do 2.
  • ·Plan out every detail of the day ahead of time (photos you want taken, who walks in what order, who says what during the reception) and make sure the girls are on the same page so there are no unwanted surprises.
  • Pick your most reliable girl to be your maid of honor. Someone who knows you inside and out, and will do things your way. Someone who can take care of the bossing around on the wedding day so that you can stay calm and relaxed.

Do Not’s:

  • Don’t feel guilt-tripped into putting someone into your bridal party. Only put the girls there who you want in.
  • Avoid any fighting on your wedding day. If one of your bridesmaids is trying to duke it out (emotionally, hopefully) with you or any other bridesmaid, remind them that it’s your wedding day and it is to be drama-free!
  • ·Don’t put two people in your bridal party who you know can not get along (if you can avoid it). This is a classic recipe for disaster. Ask yourself if it’s really worth it.
  • ·Don’t take any crap from your bridesmaids about the dresses, jewelry, or shoes you choose. If you think they will look fabulous, the outfits stay!

So, these Do’s and Do Not’s may seem a little bit like a gloom and doom point of view, but it is only a list of warnings from experienced brides! We want your wedding day to be perfect, and we know your bridesmaids will all be angels on your wedding day, but just in case they aren’t, remember the Do’s and Dont’s.


Perfect Place, Perfect Wedding

By: Krithika Kommana


When it comes to planning and executing weddings, it feels as if there is a never ending to-do list. Of course, it totally makes sense; we’ve been fantasizing our weddings since we were five years old. The perfect wedding dress to walk down the aisle, the ring that we’ll never get tired of looking at...these are probably what’s going in your minds right now. But what we’re really going to remember, maybe even more than the dress and the ring, is the location where you and your fiance will proclaim your love to each other to your family and friends.

While picking the venue can be stressful, remember that the place doesn’t have to be an extravagant location that would only be aesthetically pleasing for pictures. You should get married somewhere that is important or special to you and your significant other. Maybe if religion is important to both of you, getting married at a religious place of worship would be memorable. Or if both of you shared your first kiss while walking on the beach, why not have your wedding at the beach? No matter where you have one of the most important days of your life, make sure it’s at a place that both of you love; a place that will make for the start of the first day to the rest of your lives together.


Instagram photo by @lovegardenweddingdecor

Instagram photo by @lovegardenweddingdecor

The Search for Your Dream Wedding Dress

The Search for Your Dream Dress


Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

Planning for your wedding day causes your mind to go into one big blur and for quite some time you lose the ability to think clearly. You need to consider the fabric of the dress, the correct length, the neckline to go along with your veil to help make your bridal dreams come true. Dress planning might already have you envisioning some frenzy moments but at the end of the day, it’s the most special time of your life and you need to put your best into it!

We are going to make it super breezy for you to decide your perfect dress. Keep reading below!


Wedding Dress 2 source

Wedding Dress 2 source

The Basics

You have to make sure that your wedding dress fits you perfectly. So, book your dresses in advance to see which ones you want and which ones will not make the final cut. Everything must be preplanned for the designated day, you will already be in a huge load of stress and won’t have time for further look into other matters.

Leave It in The Past

Nowadays, trains, necklines and gowns have hundreds of designs of their own and you simply cannot rely only on getting the same archaic Fit & Flare, A-line, mermaid and slim-fitting styles. You will have to experiment with different varieties to accomplish one gorgeous look. Try to be bold and sample with options that you have never considered before “you might be pleasantly surprised.”


Wedding Dress 3 source

Wedding Dress 3 source


A wedding dress isn’t merely an outfit, rather it is a reflection of your entire wedding and your dress should coordinate beautifully with the theme of your big day, as it will spare you from looking out of place. Drifting layers of tulle, silk, and chiffon will look glorious on a beach or a bohemian wedding but satins will only tend to look appropriate in a modern wedding. That is why you need to make choices after contemplating all the aspects of your wedding and of course be sure to run your ideas with the groom. The last thing you want is to look like a princess while he looks like a farm-boy.  

“Blingchat” proves to be a brilliant app to plan your big day. Just find it on Facebook messenger and chat with the bot who will answer right away. This app helps you make choices without stepping foot in the busy shopping malls. It lets you choose a venue, dress, ring, shoes, hairstyle and EVEN a wedding cake! This way you will be able to see how it all comes together visually.


Pick Wedding Dress

Pick Wedding Dress

Don’t Stick To White

There is no doubt that white looks very charming but other pastel colors should be paid attention to as well. Today, the array of colors can offer many options of pastels, ivory, champagne and other neutral shades. You should definitely go for something warm, something gentle, and something that will make you feel comfortable right away. This year is all about experimenting and a bride to be shouldn’t say no to that!


Once you’ve decided on the style of your dress and have full confidence in your final decision, go and have a visit to a few bridal boutiques “if you haven’t already” and see whether they have your dream dress there. Local boutiques can also come in handy.

However, the easiest approach will be to try “Blingchat” to find the dress of your dreams and get all the important details right away. You can even buy the dress right then and there!


You Can Plan Your Perfect Wedding By Messaging This Robot On Facebook

This post was published by Jamie Leelo from EliteDaily (link to source)

Calling all brides: A new Facebook robot called BlingChat is here to help you plan your perfect wedding, shop for rings and dresses and find out how well your fiancé really knows you. Basically, the new tool is a wedding planner, your mom and maid of honor rolled into one easy, breezy conversation with your computer. Oh, internet, is there anything you can’t do? I took it for a spin (not like I’ve been planning my wedding since the day I could speak or anything!!!), and had a blast spending my work morning browsing diamonds, flowers and venues.

When logging onto Facebook messenger, BlingChat gets you started with options to browse rings, shop for wedding details or play “I Do/I Don’t”. This is the fun part. The “I Do/Don’t” tab allows you to pick your dream wedding details and provides you with the option to learn more about your choices.  It will walk you through choosing a ring, a dress, a venue and a bouquet, and give you the opportunity to expand details on your choices, viewing things like pricing and product information.

Some of the features are a little bit buggy, but overall it was a lot of fun browsing the random selections BlingChat sent me, rather than do the work myself of starting from square one and scouring Pinterest for inspiration. Once you complete all of your choices, it will quickly curate your responses into a quiz for you to send to your significant other. They can then take the quiz to find out how well they REALLY know your taste and also see if you’re on the same page about your special day. I sent my quiz to my editor to see how well SHE really knew me, and to be honest, it didn’t go well. It’s OK. I’m not upset. (I am very upset.)

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