Who Are We


Stav has been working in the diamond industry in NYC and participated in trade shows all over the world for the past 10 years. He wanted to bring innovation into the industry. On a more personal note, he proposed to his wife with a beautiful, custom designed, vintage style ring, she loved it, of course.

Arik founded and owns a leading crowdfunding platform, Mimoona (featured on Bloomberg TV, and Forbes, to name a couple), and created some fun side projects that were featured on some of the biggest tech blogs in the world. Arik proposed to his wife with a traditional, single stone ring he bought from her father (who works in the diamond industry), of course it's beautiful. Yes he got a great deal on it, but don't we all want the most bang for our buck ;).

Yossi is our magician CTO, who started as a bio-chemistry engineer, but couldn't stop coding once he got started, 9 years ago. Yossi has developed bots on Facebook, Kik and Telegram. He was so busy coding, that he almost got scammed looking for an engagement ring (too bad BlingChat didn't exist then). Eventually a friend helped him find the one. She said "YES", and then "I do". We are here to help you fantasize the perfect wedding, and then turn it into reality!